Good Omens 203 I Know Where I'm Going
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Good Omens 203 I Know Where I'm Going

Derek and John are back for our weekly Good Omens Season 2 podcast with Episode 3 "I Know Where I'm Going".

It's a trip to Edinburgh in the present day to investigate clues and in the past to investigate a moral dilemma.

Based on the book Good Omens by Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman and starring David Tennant and Michael Sheen we’re discussing each of the six episodes of this series one a week. This is our spoiler filled discussion so as always make sure you’ve watched the episode before listening to the podcast.

Good Omens 203 “I Know Where I'm Going” synopsis

Heaven sends junior angel Muriel, disguised as a human police officer Inspector Constable, to spy on Aziraphale and audit the 25 Lazurii miracle that Aziraphale and Crowley performed. But Muriel, watching her freshly brewed cuppa and in her white police constable uniform is clueless about life on Earth and is easily misdirected to follow Nina and Maggie to see if the miracle worked. 

As Aziraphale takes the Bentley to Edinburgh to investigate the raging clue he’s found, he is reminded of his time in Edinburgh in 1827, when he and Crowley found a very uncanny statue of Gabriel. 

While investigating the statue they chance upon a poor girl, Elspeth, a bodysnatcher, who robs graves and sells the corpses to doctors to support herself and her friend wee Morag. Aziraphale considers her deeds to be wrong and sabotages her sale, but after Doctor Darlympyl explains the corpses he purchases are to help medical science understand how to treat living people, he changes his mind about Elspeth's deeds. 

Elspeth, Morag, Crowley and Aziraphale try to dig up another corpse, but Morag is killed by a grave gun, protecting the grave, and which provides a perfect opportunity for Elspeth to sell wee Morag's fresh corpse to the doctor. With the five pounds received she buys a bottle of wine to toast wee Morag’s life with Crowley and Aziraphale, and then tries to poison herself to join wee Morag. But Crowley prevents her from doing so and he forces Aziraphale to give her enough money to escape poverty and live a better life. His good deed gets noticed indeed by Hell and he is returned to answer for his crimes. 

Back in AZ Fell and Co Bookshop in present day Soho Crowley is trying to babysit Jim, short for James, short for Gabriel. As Crowley manipulates the weather in a failed attempt to push Maggie and Nina together he triggers Jim to announce a prophecy. The end is getting closer and the dead will rise. 

Outside, Shax believes Aziraphale is instrumental in hiding Gabriel and she tells Crowley she will declare war on Aziraphale if her suspicions are proven correct.

Our top signs of the apocalypse

Each episode we’ll go through our top moments of the episode called the Top “Signs of The Apocalypse”. We’d love to hear about your favourite moments, any thoughts, theories and Easter eggs that you see in the episodes that we might have missed. Email us at with either an MP3 recording of your thoughts or an email for each episode.

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Next Time on Good Omens

Thanks so much for joining us for this episode of Good Omens. We’ll be back with our discussion of Good Omens Season 2 Chapter 4: The Hitchhiker featuring the minisode Nazi Zombie Flesheaters next week.

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