Good Omens Episode 4 Podcast about "Saturday Morning Funtime"

Good Omens Episode 4 Podcast about "Saturday Morning Funtime"

We chat about all of the signs of the apocalypse in Good Omens Episode 4 “Saturday Morning Funtime”. We discuss it all in our spoiler-filled podcast.

Good Omens Episode 4 “Saturday Morning Funtime”

The world is getting weirder. Atlantis has risen from the deep, a Kraken has arrived to destroy all Japanese scientific vessels that definitely aren’t whaling ships, and aliens have landed to give a message of “cosmic harmony and suchlike” for everyone in the whole wide world.

In Soho, Aziraphale (Michael Sheen) is not being listened to, even though he knows how to find the antichrist, stop the apocalypse and prevent the war between heaven and hell. Crowley (David Tennant) isn’t faring any better as Hastur and Ligur find out that he lost the real Antichrist, and come to take him back to hell.

As forces begin to forge around Adam Young (Sam Taylor Buck), Newton Pulsifer (Jack Whitehall) travels to Tadfield and meets Anathema Device (Adria Arjona) fulfilling another of Agnes Nutter’s Prophecies (under the bed). As Shadwell (Michael McKean) gets a premonition that Newton is in trouble he tries to get some money from Aziraphale and mistakenly sends the angel back to heaven.

Our top 5 signs of the apocalypse

Each episode we’ll go through our top five moments of the episode called the Top 5 “Signs of The Apocalypse”. We’d love to hear about your favourite moments, any thoughts, theories and Easter eggs that you see in the episodes that we might have missed. Email us at with either an MP3 recording of your thoughts or an email for each episode.

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Next Time on Good Omens

Thanks so much for joining us for this episode of Good Omens. We’ll be back with our discussion of Good Omens Episode 5 “The Doomsday Option later this week.

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Date Recorded: 05/06/2019

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