Good Omens Episode 6 Podcast about "The Very Last Day Of The Rest of Their Lives"

Good Omens Episode 6 Podcast about "The Very Last Day Of The Rest of Their Lives"

We finish our latest series of podcasts with our Good Omens Episode 6 review of “The Very Last Day of The Rest of Their Lives”. We discuss it all in our spoiler-filled podcast.

Good Omens Episode 6 “The Very Last Day of The Rest of Their Lives” Synopsis.

Crowley (David Tennant), Aziraphale (Michael Sheen), Madame Tracy (Miranda Richardson) and Shadwell (Michael McKean) arrive to kill the Antichrist, but instead see The Them face off against the Riders of the apocalypse at the Tadfield military base, as Adam Young (Sam Taylor Buck) reveals that they aren’t really anything other than figments of human imagination. Armageddon is slow dismantled as Pepper (Amma Ris) tells War (Mireille Enos) she believes in peace, Brian (Ilan Galkoff) tells Pollution (Lourdes Faberes) he wants a clean world and Wensleydale (Alfie Taylor) tells Famine (Yusuf Gatewood) he just wants a balanced diet (and a good lunchbox).

With the riders gone from the Doomsday table Gabriel (Jon Hamm) and Beelzebub (Anna Maxwell Martin) come to find out why war hasn’t started between the hordes of angels and demons – it seems to be something to do with a mix up between the Great Plan and the Ineffable Plan! As they leave to tell their higher and lower powers, Beelzebub gets Satan (Voiced by Benedict Cumberbatch) involved, but his wrath is curtailed by the admonishment by Adam that he, Satan, is not his real father as he’s not been around to bring him up.

As Satan slinks back to his fiery depths the world is returned to normal (with just a few tweeks). But Aziraphase and Crowley are kidnapped by the forces of heaven and hell for their betrayal. Thankfully, the final prediction of Agnes Nutter to choose “thy fayces carefully” saves them both as disguised as one another Crowley relaxes in a nice bath of Holy water and Aziriphale warms himself in hell fire. Back on earth as two angels are dining at the Ritz, so a nightingale sings in Berkeley Square.

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Date Recorded: 11/06/2019

Date Published: 13/06/2019

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