4: "The Tomb" (S1E4)
Moon Knight 'CastApril 24, 202201:20:3673.79 MB

4: "The Tomb" (S1E4)

Just when we thought Moon Knight had settled into being more of a straightforward superhero story, they took a sharp left turn into Legion-town. We loved it, and we have lots of notes, theories, and speculation for you guys.Also, Kirk finished his tribute poster for the first episode of Moon Knight, featuring Moon Knight, Marc, and Gus the goldfish. You can check that out on our Facebook page at facebook.com/podcastica. You can find our contact info and all our other shows at: podcastica.com Show support and get ad-free episodes: patreon.com/jasoncabassi Check out Kirk’s amazing art: studiokm.com

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