4: "Rest in Metal" (Poker Face S1E4)
Murder Magnets: A Poker Face PodcastFebruary 03, 202301:36:5888.78 MB

4: "Rest in Metal" (Poker Face S1E4)

Penny LennoxPenny LennoxHost
Jason CabassiJason CabassiHost
Jade AndersonJade AndersonHost

Join us on the road with Charlie and her new friends, Doxxology, for a rip-roaring metal adventure, complete with MURDER! Enjoy this free-ranging conversation about true artistry, being barefoot, misophonia, the nature of metal and crowd-surfing. You’ll be humming Merch Girl for weeks. 


Interviews Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL4fUf8Fy6ZnIRMlrC9FBMihMVOVSoQ4ae

Nora and Lila Zuckerman (show runners-sisters) talk about the format of the show, as “how catch em” and about rooting for the villain.: https://youtu.be/-QiHy3HcNOs (https://youtu.be/-QiHy3HcNOs)

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