9: “Ribbit and Rip It!” (S1E8)
She-Hulk 'CastOctober 09, 202201:38:28135.21 MB

9: “Ribbit and Rip It!” (S1E8)

Finally! Leap Frog! A hero (or villain?) worthy of the Savage She-Hulk! And the long awaited (and heavily teased) delivery of Matt Murdock (aka the Gold Devil dude) in a flawlessly executed Walk of Shame! Join Penny and Renaldy as they break down the finer points of this episode. Glad to have Renaldy from the Marvelous Friends podcast join the discussion while Greg is still on a bit of a hiatus. Check out more from Renaldy at www.marvelousfriends.com.
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Next weeks Marvel Question of the week: Who would your dream “powered on powered” fight be between? (From whichever universe you want)
Next week is the finale!!! Can’t wait to hear your feedback!

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