3: "Halloween" (BTVS S2E6)
Still Slaying: a Buffy-verse podcastSeptember 21, 2023
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3: "Halloween" (BTVS S2E6)

Since Halloween is “dead for the undead,” Buffy, as an 18th Century noblewoman, and pals, Willow as a ghost and Xander as a soldier, chaperone trick-or-treating. Just when everyone is having the best time, a spell takes over the city and people are turned into their costumes. Children are now monsters attacking civilians and each other. With Buffy sidelined, Willow takes control.

Join Penny and Kara along with guest Mark from Piratecorpsentertainment.com and laugh and gasp your way through this classic episode. Meet up at the Bronze for listener feedback and, if you don’t mind spoilers, stay tuned to the end for the Watchers’ Diaries.

Next week, we’ll be covering Season 2, Episode 11, “Ted.”

Be seeing you…

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