508: "Endure and Survive" (TLOU S1E5)
The 'Cast of Us: A Last of Us & Walking Dead 'CastFebruary 13, 202301:51:17101.89 MB

508: "Endure and Survive" (TLOU S1E5)

Lucy HinnieLucy HinnieHost
Rima JoRima JoHost
Jason CabassiJason CabassiHost
Erik FetenErik FetenHost
Ben BeckBen BeckHost

Yet another heartbreaking episode this week, plus a horde of infected! Incredible. Join Lucy, Ben, and Jason as we talk it all out.


• Melanie Lynskey Has Never Been on a Set as Overwhelming as The Last of Us: https://www.vulture.com/article/melanie-lynskey-the-last-of-us-kathleen-interview.html

• The Child Clicker's Audition Tape For The Last Of Us Was Pure Nightmare Fuel: https://www.slashfilm.com/1196694/the-child-clickers-contortionist-audition-tape-for-the-last-of-us-was-pure-nightmare-fuel/ 

• Making the Bloater: ‘The Last of Us’ Prosthetics Designer Used a Slimy, 80-Pound Suit and Massive Stuntman to Create the Deadly Monster: https://variety.com/2023/artisans/features/the-last-of-us-bloater-makeup-1235518138/

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