468: Josh Hamilton (Lance Hornsby)
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468: Josh Hamilton (Lance Hornsby)

Lucy HinnieLucy HinnieHost
Karen KoppettKaren KoppettHost
Jason CabassiJason CabassiHost

What a pleasure to talk to the talented Josh Hamilton, the man behind the enigmatic, calculating, and endlessly watchable Walking Dead antagonist, Lance Hornsby!

Lucy and I (with the help of you guys) asked him about all kinds of things, including: 

• Josh’s experience listening to our podcast

• How much he knew about Lance’s character arc from the beginning

• What kind of society he’d like to be a part of in the ZA

• Whether Lance believes in the ideals of the Commonwealth or it’s more about power for him

• Lance’s backstory

• Josh’s thoughts about various WD characters and actors

• What the mood was like working on his 1993 film, Alive

• What stands out to him about working on the 2018 Bo Burnham-directed movie Eighth Grade

• What he thinks about Lance’s fashion sense

• What it’s like to be on TWD as it’s ending

• And a lot more!

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