4: "Ghost of Zebrina" (S1E5)
1923 'CastFebruary 07, 2023x
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4: "Ghost of Zebrina" (S1E5)

Join Alex, Jerry and LizzeIn episode 5 of 1923, the Dutton family is still recovering from Banner Creighton's attack while Spencer and Alexandra have reached Mombasa in search of a way back to the US. Teonna Rainwater is on the run after escaping the boarding school and killing two nuns, while Father Renaud is on her trail. Jack and Elizabeth get married, while Spencer sends a cable to Cara informing her of his return home. Meanwhile, Banner and Whitfield plan to buy up the land surrounding the Dutton ranch. Cara receives Spencer's reply but is interrupted by Whitfield, who wants to meet with Jacob. The tugboat carrying Spencer and Alexandra is overturned, leaving their fate uncertain.

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