5: "One Ocean Closer to Destiny" (S1E6)
1923 'CastFebruary 14, 202301:05:43150.38 MB

5: "One Ocean Closer to Destiny" (S1E6)

Join Alex, Jerry and guest host Rima Jo for this weeks episode. In this episode of 1923, we follow the journey of Teonna as she continues her escape and learns to adapt to her new identity. The search for new livestock officers begins, with Cara leading the interviews and facing resistance from some of the male candidates. Jacob struggles with the line between justice and vengeance and ultimately decides to focus on preservation. Meanwhile, Spencer and Alex's fate is revealed following the shipwreck and they eventually get married with the help of the ship's captain. The episode ends with Spencer sharing his dream with Alex, which is to keep her with him despite the universe's warning signs. The series has been renewed for a second season and the next episode will air on February 19th on Paramount+.

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