1: "Wine and Roses" & "Carrot and Stick" (S6E1&2)
Better Call Saul 'CastApril 21, 202202:54:51160.08 MB

1: "Wine and Roses" & "Carrot and Stick" (S6E1&2)

Rima JoRima JoHost
Jason CabassiJason CabassiHost
David KoppettDavid KoppettHost

Some of you guys have been asking if we’d podcast on the final season of Better Call Saul, and it’s our pleasure to say yes to that! We think Better Call Saul and the series that spawned it, Breaking Bad, are two of the finest shows that have ever existed, meticulously crafted in every way, brilliantly acted, and a thrill to watch. 

Here’s our marathon first episode covering the first two eps of the final season (which we thought were fantastic), along with a recap of the previous season to get you situated, our reasons for wanting to cover this show, and our hopes for this final season. 


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