12: "Saul Gone" (S6E13)
Better Call Saul 'CastAugust 19, 2022x
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12: "Saul Gone" (S6E13)

This is it, the end of Better Call Saul, and as far as we know, the swan song of the Breaking Bad universe. What can we say, it was such a fitting end to an incredible series, and Rima, David, and I very much enjoyed podcasting about this show together, and we’re all grateful you came along for the ride with us, and we’re especially thankful to those of you who wrote or called in. A real pleasure all the way around. It’s all good, man!Better Call Saul prop auction: https://propstoreauction.com/auctions/info/id/342?fbclid=IwAR1kwnUQkKflySZpNlKo0RuiLh1y0JpDw9oDC9uaj6BJ1X42b9MBPzL6BL8If this is your first time listening to a Podcastica show, so glad you found us, and hopefully we’re podcasting about something else you like. You can find our contact info and all our other shows at: podcastica.com Show support and get ad-free episodes: patreon.com/jasoncabassi 

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