17: "Feel the Night" & "December 19" (S3E9&10)
Cobra Kai 'CastJanuary 31, 202101:33:1185.32 MB

17: "Feel the Night" & "December 19" (S3E9&10)

Rima JoRima JoHost
Richard DambrosioRichard DambrosioHost
Jason CabassiJason CabassiHost

Holy crap, what a great couple of episodes to cap off an awesome season! So many great moments. There are a lot of shows and movies capitalizing on our nostalgia these days, but for our money, Cobra Kai is doing it best. Hope you guys enjoyed this season as much as we did :)

I’m not sure what we’ll be covering next on this podcast (aside from the 1973 Westworld movie next week), but we’ll be back sooner or later, so stay subscribed and we’ll speak to you soon. 

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