21: "Match Point" & "Kicks Get Chicks" (S4E5&6)
Cobra Kai 'CastJanuary 18, 202201:36:1588.12 MB

21: "Match Point" & "Kicks Get Chicks" (S4E5&6)

Rima JoRima JoHost
Richard DambrosioRichard DambrosioHost
Jason CabassiJason CabassiHost

We’re not sure why it didn’t occur to us that Cobra Kai would give us a tournament-style rematch between Daniel and Johnny, but how kickass is it that it did?!! So great. Also this week, Johnny learns feminism. :P

We’re happy to be joined this week by our friend Damian, host of the Watched It in the ‘80s Podcast, which you can find at https://pod.link/1565684262 or by searching for “Watched It in the ‘80s” wherever you get podcasts. 

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