23: "The Fall" & "The Rise" (S4E9&10)
Cobra Kai 'CastFebruary 01, 202201:56:13106.4 MB

23: "The Fall" & "The Rise" (S4E9&10)

Rima JoRima JoHost
Richard DambrosioRichard DambrosioHost
Jason CabassiJason CabassiHost

Wow, what a finale! The tournament of all tournaments. And so much to talk about. We’re joined by our longtime friend Dan to talk it all out.

And that’s it for our coverage of Cobra Kai for the season. We had as much fun as always. It really is my (Jason’s) favorite show to cover :) And thanks to all you guys who listened along and wrote or called in. We appreciate you as always, and we’ll see ya for season 5!

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