36: “The Mettle of Man” (S3E10)
This is it, our take on the final episode of Ash vs. Evil Dead, and also the final episode of this podcast. As you'll be able to tell by listening, this podcast was really special for the three of us, and we're sad to see it end for many reasons, not the least of which is that you guys were listening and you wrote and called in with some great comments. Thank you guys! You are truly GROOVY!! You can hear more of Jason's podcasting at podcastica.com, including shows on Walking Dead (and Fear the Walking Dead), Westworld, and Legion, among others.You can hear Chris talk about TWD and FTWD at talkingdeadpodcast.com. And the three of us will surely podcast together again at some point, so stay tuned. We'll leave the Facebook group up for us all to keep in touch with any announcements, Evil Dead talk, and whatever else: facebook.com/evildeadcastBig thanks to Daily Dead for publishing our episodes. They have all kinds of horror news, interviews, and features, and you can find them at dailydead.com. Just for the hell of it, why not tell Netflix you'd like to see Ash vs. Evil Dead continue on there! You can do that here: help.netflix.com/en/titlerequestThanks again y'all! Peace be with you.