37: Evil Dead: The Musical

Rich and Jason finally got to see Evil Dead: The Musical (and Chris saw it years ago) and so as promised, here we are to talk about it! Plus, some news about all things Evil Dead, including highlights from a recent Reddit Ask-Me-Anything from Sam Raimi. And of course, your awesome feedback.

Did you know the three of us did another podcast recently? Rich, Chris, and Jason recently wrapped our podcast on season one of the new Disney Plus live action Star Wars show, The Mandalorian, and we thought it was fantastic! Believe it or not, it has some things in common with AVED - super cool hero gets the shit beat out of him every week, for one :) We totally recommend checking it out, and if you want to hear the three of us podcast on it, you can find that at housepodcastica.com.

You can hear Chris talk about The Walking Dead at talkingdeadpodcast.com

And if another Evil Dead movie or show comes on, we'll damn sure be back here to talk about it!

Cheers guys :)