"The Case of the Crystal Palace” (DBD S1E1)
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Hey listeners! Jayme and Mark are back for more Sandman ‘Cast! This episode we are taking on the spin off show of Sandman called “The Dead Boy Detectives” that is out on Netflix now!
We are covering the show episode by episode. So keep up with us as we go along week to week and episode by episode.

We are so happy to be back within the Sandman Universe with this new show and look forward to what goes on within the show, The characters as we as your thoughts about each episode… So! Jump into a mirror or two? And have fun with us as we take this leap within this awesome new show! 

This episode of the podcast we are covering The Dead Boy Detectives Season 1 Episode 1 “The Case of the Crystal Palace” If you would like to leave us some feedback or just say hi you can send us an email or voice message at talk@podcastica.com.

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