8: "The Orpheus Syndrome" (Poker Face S1E8)
Murder Magnets: A Poker Face PodcastFebruary 28, 202302:37:04143.81 MB

8: "The Orpheus Syndrome" (Poker Face S1E8)

Penny LennoxPenny LennoxHost
Jason CabassiJason CabassiHost
Jade AndersonJade AndersonHost

Look out ya’ll there’s a Charlie-Horse on the loose!! See what I did there? (laughter from the crowd) But seriously folks, hope you’re up for some good ole’ fashioned mythological torture because that’s what is on tap this week in a very EPIC episode of Poker Face.

Jade, Penny, and Jason have a whole lot to say about Charlie’s latest escapade, truly fit for the Gods themselves!

From the news:

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Jack Alcott interview (Randy from ep.7): https://screenrant.com/poker-face-jack-alcott-interview/

documentary film “Mad Dreams and Monsters”: https://www.dailymotion.com/video/x8hbk5z.

PokerTox - NY Post: https://nypost.com/2012/11/21/botox-poker-face/

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