1: "Sleep of the Just" (S1E1)
Sandman ‘CastAugust 11, 2022x
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1: "Sleep of the Just" (S1E1)

Hey listeners! This is our inaugural episode of Sandman ‘Cast. This podcast is dedicated to the new Netflix show Sandman adapted from Neil Gaiman’s comic from the late 80’s and on. Listen to Jayme and Mark talk about the first episode. What they enjoyed about the episode. The differences from the comic to the show and the over all thought and look of the show in comparison to the comic.Our podcasts will be episodically. So please be patient with us as we are going through each episode individually and consecutively. So that we can take our time and touch on each episodes story and details.If you would like to leave us some feedback or just say hi you can send us an email or voice message at talk@podcastica.com. If you head to podcastica.com there is a handy voice message link. Check us out on social media:Facebook: facebook.com/podcasticaTwitter: @PodcasticaInstagram: @housepodcastica. 

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