19: “Band Candy” (BTVS S3E06)
Still Slaying: a Buffy-verse podcastJanuary 31, 2024
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19: “Band Candy” (BTVS S3E06)

“Something’s Weird.” “Something’s Not?”

This iconic episode is a fan favorite and routinely is included on lists of top 10 Buffy episodes.

Join us for an especially nostalgic trip to the 90s to ruminate on our own teen foibles, “Joyles” shipping, the appeal of bad boys, the cultural impact of Gap khaki ads, wondering what teenage Ripper would have listened to in the 90s, feathered coats, cultural appropriation, the connection between Ethan Rayne and candy, and yes, some light objectification of Anthony Stewart Head and David Boreanaz.

Next time, Season 3, Episode 7, “Revelations”

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