24: “Gingerbread” (BTVS S3E11)
Still Slaying: a Buffy-verse podcastMarch 06, 2024
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24: “Gingerbread” (BTVS S3E11)

Content Warning: discussions of trauma, domestic violence, and transphobia

“I need to go on one of my fruitless patrols and react to some vampires.”

Kara and Penny are joined by Sam to cover yet another iconic episode of BTVS. Joyce leads the Sunnydale adults in a quest to rid the town of bad influences and the occult. The trio laugh through the darkness of MOO, censorship, mass hysteria and group think.

The wide ranging conversation covers topics as diverse as Cher, lizard brains, Lois Duncan, the Salem Witch Trials, racism in The Lion King, various Zaddies, PTSD, the Satanic Panic of the 80s, book banning, transphobia, Angel’s broodiness, concussions, and some more Joyce appreciation.

Next time, Season 3, Episode 12, “Helpless”

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