27: “The Zeppo” (BTVS S3E13)
Still Slaying: a Buffy-verse podcastApril 03, 2024
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27: “The Zeppo” (BTVS S3E13)

“There was no part of that, that wasn’t fun.”

Penny makes the best of Kara’s absence this week by welcoming Steve and Jason back to the podcast to talk about this Xander POV episode. The three discuss the films of 1999, references that age well and references that age poorly, Michael Cudlitz, adults playing teenagers, bravery, zombies, bluffing, gatorade gambling, the zen of Oz, Donal Logue, teenage boys, cars, The Greatest American Hero, aging and the essence of cool.

Next time, we’ll be covering Season 3, Episode 14, “Bad Girls”

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