"If I could use words
Like scattering flowers and falling leaves
What a bonfire my poems would make”

Content warning: discussion of suicide, domestic violence, 

Please join us for a discussion of the excellent, smash hit limited-series, SHŌGUN. Penny is joined by Jonathan and Sam to dig into the rich layers of this ten-episode series from FX/Hulu/Disney+. This trio had a lot of laughs while getting into the highs and even higher highs of the series. They talk about the characters, costumes, and customs that make up the world of SHŌGUN, heaping praise on the lush production values, the break out performances and sensitive adaptation. 
Anwen, Penny and The ‘Cast of the Rings will be back for The Rings of Power, Season 2. 

If you or someone you know is experiencing suicidal thoughts, there are many resources available. 



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