534: We Love Lucy + TWD: Daryl Dixon Thoughts & Hopes

534: We Love Lucy + TWD: Daryl Dixon Thoughts & Hopes

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Who else has been missing Lucy? Listen to this episode only if you want to smile and feel good. Lucy has had a rough year with, among other things, the recent loss of a close friend, so I asked you guys to send in messages of appreciation for her as a surprise, and it was so fun to read your notes and play your calls and hear her reaction. Still buzzing from it :)

Plus, Lucy, Wendy, and I talk all things TWD, including:
• A quick update on all of the spinoffs.
• Our thoughts on The Walking Dead: Dead City.
• What we know going into The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon, our thoughts on the trailer, and our hopes for the show.
• And our love for France. Nous aimon la France!

Lucy’s friend Johanna's website: codicologist.org

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Next episode: Not sure yet. Horror-mystery Talk to Me currently in theaters is getting great reviews. Lucy also recommended As Above, So Below, set in the catacombs of Paris. Or we might do a classic horror movie.
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