Bonus: Oppenheimer (Barbenheimer Crossover with the Wilhelm Podcast)

Bonus: Oppenheimer (Barbenheimer Crossover with the Wilhelm Podcast)

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BARBENHEIMER: Wilhelm Reviews "Oppenheimer"
Welcome to Wilhelm and it's time for another Movie Review / Film Breakdown. This time, I am joined by Revisited Podcast co-host and great friend Kristin for this second part of the BARBENHEIMER Crossover with Podcastica to cover the brand new Christophher Nolan masterpiece, "Oppenheimer". Together, we dive into the amazing cast, the stylistic cinematography and even the history itself of the story being told. Keep in mind that this breakdown enters spoiler territory so you have been warned. So if you have yet to see the movie, do yourself the biggest favor and stop right here, find the biggest screen you can, watch the film, then come back and listen!

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