Bonus: "Robbie and the Work Fridge" (Welcome to the Apocalypse S1E2)

Bonus: "Robbie and the Work Fridge" (Welcome to the Apocalypse S1E2)

Bonus ep! Thought you guys might like to check out Podcastica's first improv podcast, set (of course) in the zombie apocalypse, featuring Randy, Jenny, Robert, and special guests making their way through the walking-dead-infested landscape as best they can.

To hear more, go to or search for "Welcome to the Apocalypse" wherever you get your podcasts.


Welcome to the Apocalypse is an improvised podcast that pulls listeners into a post-apocalyptic world filled with scares, adventure, and dark humor.

Jenny, Randy, and Rob draw inspiration from apocalyptic TV shows and movies, as their characters navigate a deteriorating society, evade monsters, and encounter friends and foes that have been molded by the apocalypse.

In this episode, the group deals with their first zombie bite while encountering a yogurt-loving-man who may not be what he seems.

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