10. "The Void" S2E1
The Extraordinary 'CastMarch 29, 2024x
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10. "The Void" S2E1

Extraordinary is back!!! It's wonderful to be back in our power-filled (except Jen) world, with the writing as sharp as ever. Join Penny and Greg as they discuss the positives of a break-up contract, the difference between men and women breakup recovery, and our fawning over a long dead, but much adored, famous guest star! Jen and Jizzlord are proving how it's good(?) to want to deceive the person you care about, and Carrie gets a Tart-ly makeover! And Kash still sucks!! Hope you enjoy!

And as is the habit, we had a little recording snafu, so we recorded at different times, and I (Greg) recorded in different locations. So if there sounds like a shift in my voice, there is! And we apologize for that!

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