9: "The Wilderness" (S4E10)
The Handmaid's Tale PodcastJune 18, 202102:26:22134.01 MB

9: "The Wilderness" (S4E10)

Jason CabassiJason CabassiHost
Daphne BackmanDaphne BackmanHost
Wendy EppersWendy EppersHost

Wow. WOW! What an incredibly intense finale. Dark? Yes. Cathartic? We thought so. 

We had such a great time podcasting about Handmaid’s Tale this season - because of the high quality of the show, and because of all the fantastic engagement with you guys! Thanks for being a part of it all with us, and we’ll see you for season 5.

Next on House Podcastica: Our next series will be the upcoming Disney+ show, What If? Which explores how the MCU would be altered if certain events had occurred differently, like if Loki wielded Thor's hammer. It’s an animated show, beautifully done by the looks of the teaser trailer, and features Westworld’s Geoffrey Wright as The Watcher (kind of this show’s Rod Serling) and a bunch of the Marvel move actors like Chris Hemsworth, Tom Hiddleston, Sam Jackson, Michael B. Jordan, Jeff Goldblum, Karen Gillan, Josh Brolin, and a bunch more. Looks like even Chadwick Boseman did one before he passed away. So, if you’re watching that, we’ll be there to help you geek out on it :) It comes out in August so we might cover a movie or two in the meantime.

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