2: "Leavetaking" (The Wheel of Time S1E1)
The Wheel of Time PodcastNovember 22, 202101:18:21107.59 MB

2: "Leavetaking" (The Wheel of Time S1E1)

Wendy EppersWendy EppersHost
Greg SchwambGreg SchwambHost
Ben BeckBen BeckHost
Veronica HoodVeronica HoodHost
The series premiere of The Wheel of Time is here and it seems like that Amazon money has gone to good use in this production of a beloved fantasy book series. Join Greg, Wendy and Ben as they explore this new world of characters and locales from several different points on the fandom spectrum.From beautiful landscapes to different political power structures to brutal animalistic murder, we discuss what in the show makes us "feel" and how each of us saw this new/old story. Look forward to hearing from you!You can find our contact info and all our other shows at: podcastica.com 

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