5: "The Dragon Reborn" (The Wheel of Time: S1E4)
The Wheel of Time PodcastDecember 03, 202101:37:4289.44 MB

5: "The Dragon Reborn" (The Wheel of Time: S1E4)

Wendy EppersWendy EppersHost
Greg SchwambGreg SchwambHost
Ben BeckBen BeckHost
Veronica HoodVeronica HoodHost
The series hits it's stride with the introduction of Logain, the self-proclaimed Dragon Reborn, an introduction to the male half of the Source, three storylines and one hell of a battle scene, with an explosive reveal at the end. Join Greg, Wendy and Ben as they dig a little deeper into the lore of the Aes Sedai, the Warder bonds, and how a little knowledge of the past goes a long way.Send in your feedback for Ep 5, "Blood Calls Blood"!You can find our contact info and all our other shows at: podcastica.com 

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