3: "Mysterious Monkeys" (S1E3)
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3: "Mysterious Monkeys" (S1E3)

Most everyone at The White Lotus has sex on their minds this week, and we sexplicate it all.

On a much more somber note, as we’re sure you’ve seen, Maui is in the middle of a terrible tragedy, with wildfires stoked by winds from hurricane Dora having taken many lives, and destroyed thousands of homes and businesses. The Red Cross is doing a lot of work to help, like providing shelter, food, and resources for evacuees and first responders, helping people locate missing loved ones, supporting shelters for animals and caring for injured animals in partnership with the Maui Humane Society, and more. You can donate to help this effort by going to redcross.org/donate/hawaiiwildfires.html.

At the end of this episode, Jenny and Jason talk a bit about their experience in Maui.

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