20. Conversation with Jamie McGuire A.K.A Smiley
What Is From? A Podcast About "From" on MGM+March 20, 2023x
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20. Conversation with Jamie McGuire A.K.A Smiley

Join Alex and Lizzie as they interview the top creature that stole our hearts in the MGM+ Show "FROM" in this interview he explores the creative process behind his role as Smiley. We talk about what to expect in Season 2 of From as well as his jump from background to speaking actor.

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FROM unravels the mystery of a nightmarish town that traps all those who enter. As the unwilling residents fight to keep a sense of normalcy and search for a way out, they must also survive the threats of the surrounding forest – including the terrifying creatures that come out when the sun goes down. In season two, hidden truths about the nature and terrifying origins of the town begin to emerge, even as life for its residents is plunged into chaos by the arrival of mysterious newcomers.

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