17. "What was Meant to Be" (The Wheel of Time S2E8)
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17. "What was Meant to Be" (The Wheel of Time S2E8)

Wow, what a season finale!! We have to admit, this was pretty elevated, and if we sound a little fanboy-ish about it...it's cause it was flipping awesome! Another Final Boss Battle! The band gets back together! Mat is a Hero of the Horn! Egwene goes full bad-a$$! The Dragon is Proclaimed! The stars aligned and Amazon really did something amazing with the end of this season, and you can tell the love and effort the show-makers put into the production. Enough glowing reviews, onto the show! Join Greg and Veronica as they break down this enjoyable season finale! And to all of the people who left feedback, THANK YOU SO MUCH! It was a great ride this season, and your engagement makes it more fun for us.

Quick shoutout to the "Wheel of Time on Prime FANS" Facebook group, you guys are awesome, and thanks for all the comments!

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