6: "Blood Calls Blood" (The Wheel of Time: S1E5)
The Wheel of Time PodcastDecember 06, 202101:42:0693.47 MB

6: "Blood Calls Blood" (The Wheel of Time: S1E5)

Wendy EppersWendy EppersHost
Greg SchwambGreg SchwambHost
Ben BeckBen BeckHost
Veronica HoodVeronica HoodHost
Our adventurers have finally reached the White Tower and it's host city of Tar Valon, and it's not quite what we expected. Between meeting a talkative Ogier (O-gear, apparently), Nynaeve getting caught in White Tower politics, and a heart-wrenching end to a character, Greg, Wendy and Ben talk their way through a plethora of character development, plots, sub-plots and Aes Sedai plots, while waiting on the return of the Amyrlin Seat next episode.We'd love to hear your thoughts on Ep. 6, "The Flame of Tar Valon"!You can find our contact info and all our other shows at: podcastica.com 

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