35: "Storytelling" Listener Buzz Part 2
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35: "Storytelling" Listener Buzz Part 2

My god, here’s another 3 1/2 hours on the YJ season finale, and that’s thanks to you guys sending in such fantastic feedback. Seriously, thank you all so much for your insights, humor, theories, and perspectives this season. What a joy to have you as a part of this with us!

I also wanna sincerely thank everyone who wrote in to challenge my (Jason’s) perspective on Matt Saracusa. I’m sure for everyone who bothered to send something in, there were many others who thought similar and either kept it to themselves and maybe even unsubscribed. I very much appreciate you engaging with me on it.

I’ve been thinking about it a lot over the past couple weeks, and as the days passed and more emails and calls came in, it’s hit me more and more how women have had to deal with men who were disdainful, domineering, and emotionally manipulative, among other things. And I’ve been feeling worse and worse about being so dismissive of that, among all of you and my cohosts too. I’m sorry. I was so busy defending my arguments that I forgot to be a human being.

I asked myself how I got to a place where I was defending a guy like Matt, and I realized it’s because I had been feeling judgmental of the actions of many of the other characters in the show, and to still appreciate the show, I had to start taking those actions less seriously, and to think of it more as a black comedy. So then when Matt came along and did something that while I agree is immoral and objectionable, isn’t as bad as things other characters have done (which I still do believe - murder is worse, for example), then it was jarring to me when people did take his actions seriously. But I failed to fully honor that that’s because you’ve had first-hand experience with men like him.

Even in this podcast episode, which we recorded several days ago (Sat, June 3) I still hadn’t completely come to the place where I’m at right now, where I just want to express that I think it’s totally fucked that you’ve had to deal with guys like this. I’m really sorry I wasn’t more attuned to that in these podcasts. I’ll try to do better.

PS We do talk about Matt Saracusa more in this episode, because we wanted to include all the feedback that had been sent in up to the time when we recorded. We’re also aware a lot of you are probably sick of hearing about, it, so we put it all together towards the end, and you can skip if you want. It’s at around the 2:31:00 mark (depending on how many ads were placed in the episode).

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We’ll be back if there’s actually a bonus 10th episode of this season, and we might be back with some other stuff before season 3 rolls around too.

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